SQF Radio #4

Look out Samson!  Another edition of SQF Radio is upon thee.  As always, the playlist keeps a-growing here..

  1. Mississippi John Hurt - Since I've Laid My Burden Down.    Simple, hopeful, and deep.   Probably going to adapt this one for use as special music in church this Sunday.

  2. Townes Van Zandt - Colorado Bound.   "It's a mighty lonesome feeling...," Townes sings — and brother, he ain't kidding.  

  3. The Decemberists - June Hymn.   This album came out of nowhere for me.   It's one of the best I've heard.   I've liked some of their songs in the past, but this album takes the band into new, country-tinged territory, and I can't stop listening.  

  4. Burlap to Cashmere - Closer to the Edge.   A live performance of a song from their new album.   The vinyl version is on its way to me now as I blog.   Soon, precious, soon...

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