Pistol Shrimp

"A neutral observer would not find this world to be believable."  — N.D. Wilson

Consider the pistol shrimp.  It...

  • ...can kill fish at a distance.
  • ...is one of the loudest animals on Earth.
  • ...is considered a nuisance by the Navy.
  • ...is friends with one particular kind of fish and hangs out with it all the time.
  • ...can generate temperatures equivalent to the surface of the Sun.

Pistol shrimp FTW.

A Logic Named Joe

"A Logic Named Joe": a 1950 radio play based on a 1946 short story.    It seems to get the basics of the modern-day Internet right, along with playing around with the idea of a technological singularity.

Q179: No neutral ground

"[I]deas have consequences. Moreover, all of them do."

— Douglas Wilson