SQF Radio #3

Another week, another SQF Radio post. The blog's soundtrack rolls on with four new songs. A cumulative playlist is available here.

  1. Rev. Dan Smith - Babylon is Falling.    The good Reverend kicks it into high gear with a musical review of the book of Daniel.

  2. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).   This song captures the feeling of being in town at night.   It's two parts sad to one part sparkly.

  3. Burlap to Cashmere - Build a Wall.   They're back, and the album is due in the next few days.   Don't think I won't be buying it.   This song increases your heart rate instantly.

  4. Carolina Chocolate Drops - Hit 'Em Up Style.    Getting back to a forgotten chapter in roots music's roots.   In this song, CCD functions as sort of a hip-hop jug band.   Awesome.

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