SQF Radio #1

The first installment of SQF radio, the esteemed soundtrack of the blog.   From now on, all of the music clips posted to the blog will be collected on this Youtube playlist.   Check back to see what gets added.   This week:

  1. Blitzen Trapper - Heaven and Earth.   One of the finest songs I have met in a while.  It had me from the "O" in "Over the Western world...".

  2. The Dubliners - The Little Beggarman.   The tune jumps around so much, you'd think it was drunk.  And it may be.

  3. Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Standin' on the Rock.   Take y'a sip a' this.

  4. Owl City - Air Traffic.   This song tastes like eating clouds while asleep.   Smooth...

That's it.   I'll try to post some more next week.

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