SQF Radio #6

Why so serious, blog?   What we need around here is some music.   Here's the long-overdue edition number six of SQF Radio.  (As always, the big playlist is here.)

  1. Blitzen Trapper - Jericho.   I'm still on the Trapper Train.   On this one, they trade in referencing the Bible in a roundabout fashion for telling an actual Bible story.   "It went down as a rout / we razed those walls with nothing but a shout...":

  2. Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet?.   If anything, Danielson has gotten a bit more normal over the years.  This is probably the least insane song they've produced.   If you haven't heard, they've got a movie, too.   The interviews in the movie are instructive.   No matter how nutty Danielson gets, people seem to come out of the show talking about Jesus instead of the band.   "Be just who you're made to be / Papa is so mighty pleased with thee."

  3. David Francey - Borderline.   If you've ever seen the sunrise while driving, this song will feel familiar.   I first heard Dave Francey somewhat accidentally (or as accidental as things ever are).  He was doing a live show in-studio on the radio in Cleveland.   The batteries in my MP3-CD player (remember those?) had died, so I had to see what was on.   I've been a fan ever since.   Did I mention I was driving from Alabama to DC, through Cleveland?   (I know, right?)

  4. Kimya Dawson - Tire Swing.    The Juno soundtrack is excellent all-around.   This song shines with simplicity.   Its subject matter (not finding love, always being on the road, etc.) usually gives birth to very, very sad songs, but this song insists on a joyful kind of warmth.  Once you listen to it a few times, you'll be hard-pressed not to sing along.  [Note:  whoever transcribed the lyrics is 98% accurate, but they murder one of the best lines toward the end of the song.   See if you can spot it.]

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